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80L Roll Top Waterproof Duffel Dry Bag

80L Roll Top Waterproof Duffel Dry Bag

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Product Features:

【Highly Waterproof】Made of durable high strength PVC mesh cloth, all seams are thermo welded shut to ensure all your gear stays completely dry!
【Easy use & store】The opening can be closed by hook & loop with easily rolling top. Rolling it 3/4 times and fixing with the strap to keep all your items ideally dry.
【Three Carrying Ways】Straps on both sides for hands lifting, top handle for hand carrying and adjustable straps for cross body or shoulder carrying. It's flexible for you to carry under different occasions.
【Multiple Uses】With its effective waterproof, it's suitable for most of outdoor activities,Ideal weekender bag such as kayaking, paddleboarding,boating, motorcycle,rafting,fishing,camping,diving and other adventures.
【Multiple colors & size】Multi-color and multi-size options can meet many outdoor activities. Keep good feelings!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Suzi Q

Great for traveling wouldnt use them for kayaking cause of the way they close but Great for rain and normal weather resistance


Works great


I've had this bag for almost two years now and it's an absolute must any time I go out to the lake. I love to take my stand up paddle board out to cotton wood cove and I use this to bring my gear with me. I pack everything into this duffle and strap it down to the front of my paddle board and so far it's kept my things dry. I do double wrap any electronics I have like a camp fan and my portable power bank. Just last month, I went out and unfortunately the winds picked up while I was on the lake paddling to a secluded camp spot and my board got flipped. I did manage to flip the board back over with my gear back still on it through. I had packed a few extra things during this trip so I wasn't able to fold over the top of the bag as many times as I usually do so it wasn't as air tight and a tiny bit of water got into the bag. Since I double wrapped all of my electronics in their own dry bag, nothing got damaged aside from some cigarettes' I had in my "dry" back pack. That's a completely separate item though. Pretty much everything else was just a little damp and I do feel like if I hadn't packed so much that everything would be dry. I do know that if I hadn't of double bagged my electronics they defiantly would have been ruined. Luckily none of it was affected at all. I don't like that the outer pocked has holes in it so I cant keep anything in there if it cant get wet.Aside from that it's an excellent bag to keep your things dry. When I flipped over, the entire bag was submerged under water and was even floating a bit. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone going out on the water.


I bought this bag to use in my cargo sled while snowmobiling. No matter what you do, some snow gets into the cargo sled, and if it’s warm it starts to melt and pool. We tried this bag out on one trip with a lot of wet snow coming down both directions (1 hour plus, each way) - when we got to our destinations the cargo sled had inevitably gotten snow in around the tarp and the outside of this bag has a significant amount of snow and moisture ON it but not IN it. We are very happy with the performance and glad we no longer have to double wrap everything valuable in trash bags (the wastefulness was killing me!).
I’m so happy with it, I just bought another! The largest size (80 liter) fit clothes for 2 people plus a small soft sided cooler and a couple of extra items just fine.

Update: I strapped this bag to the back of my snowmobile in an open rack - it took a hard beating of wet snow on a warm day for about an hour. No wetness inside the bag at all when I arrived at the destination.

Another update: after a long nominally ride on a very warm March day, our cargo shed has about 6 inches of water in it when we stopped to check it. We dumped the water and made it the rest of the way to our destination where we unloaded this bag - the Velcro strip that was inside the fold had wicked moisture all along itself but again there was absolutely no moisture in the bag! Our clothing was inside, along with a soft shell cooler and nothing was even slightly damp!! I 100% recommend this dry bag!


This bag is amazing - and huge. I bought it so I could move everything from my hiking pack over to the dry bag for an easy kayaking trip. It fits that plus more.

When full you will not get this bag into a sit-in kayak. Mine, thankfully, is a sit on. It's narrow enough to fit a sit-in but any amount of gear to approach its capacity will make it too tall/round. Extremely durable as well.

If you have a sit on top kayak (or a boat) and need heaps of room this is definitely for you.

If I had a boat that went out on the ocean I would use this to hold an emergency survival kit (make your own, pre-made ones are way overpriced). You could literally fit the kitchen sink in it if you wanted to. Enclose a little air and it'll even float!

Bottom line: if you need a lot of space to keep things dry this is the bag for you. The smaller ones would probably fit better in a sit-in kayak. This 80L one, not so much.