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Buffalo Gear

30L Camping Backpack Cooler for Picnic Beach Hiking Park Fishing

30L Camping Backpack Cooler for Picnic Beach Hiking Park Fishing

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Discover the perfect solution for your outdoor trips with Buffalo Gear insulated backpack coolers

Buffalo Gear insulated backpack coolers use 500D tarps and has a puncture-resistant lining and exterior. Furthermore, Our backpack coolers use the heat-welded seams to ensure the bag's leak-proof performance. 

Buffalo Gear

Dimension: 13.4 x 9.45 x 20.5''  

With a 32-quart capacity, Our Insulated backpack can hold up to 35 cans (330 ml) of drinks, which is huge enough to hold all your essentials and keep them cold all day

The shoulder strap is made of high quality Neoprene,which is elastic, shockproof, waterproof and breathable. Top handle for hand carrying and It's flexible for you to carry under different occasions

Our Backpack cooler With its effective waterproof,the portable cooler backpack is suitable for most of outdoor activities. As well as a soft cooler for beach, picnic, hiking, fishing, camping, road trips, travel, kayaking or other adventures

Whether you have strong interest in road/ beach trip, picnics or daily hiking, Buffalo Gear insulated backpack coolers is your best partner for all types of outdoor activities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

I needed a new beach cooler for a family of 5. I needed something durable, portable, and without a metal zipper because in Hawaii going to the beach 3 or more days a week zippers just dont last. I was hesitant to spend this much on a cooler when most dont last a year here.
I can tell you this cooler checks all of those boxes and more!
1) No zippers to rust
2) Comfortable to wear and pack out freeing up your hands.
3) Made of VERY durable material.
4) Big enough to carry anything you could ever need.
4) Incredibly well insulated! I wasn't expecting a cooler that checked all of the previous boxes to actually keep ice. After a full day on the beach at 80+ degrees took it home, set it on the lanai. Woke up the next morning, poured the water out and everything in there was still cold with enough ice to last a second day! This was with 5lb bag of ice.
The moral is, spend the money. If your like me you would rather have the quality in a product that will last than save a buck in the short term and keep replacing garbage.

Isabella Kshlerin

Only used this bag literally 4 times. 18-24 cans tops each time.
Can't speak for everyone but I am pleased.
Holds ice well🤦🏽‍♂️

If you know how to use to its full potential, the bag is great.

Take notes:
(For Multiple day trip)
-Make sure your drinks are already cold
-Prime bag with ice or frozen goods
-Freeze 2-4 water bottles in addition to ice, helps keep ice.
-When you go to fill it before trip. Layer 2 frozen bottles at bottom, add cold drinks/food ect, add 2 more frozen bottles, more drinks. Add your ice.
-close and add some air in double wall chamber, I had ice for 30hrs and 40.6⁰ interior temps (used a temp gun) for another 12hrs. More than enough time to finish 24 drinks and food.

For day use:
Just load it and go, no frozen water or prep needed. Use enough ice and you will still have some left over in the morning. Guaranteed

Im on 3rd use, and fill it the same each way. No problems


I’d give it 5 stars if it lasted a little longer on holding ice. I used this on an overnight kayaking trip. I LOVE the backpack straps. It made it much easier to get all my gear the 1/4 mile to the river. It stays very frostbite cold. Even after the ice has melted the water stays cold for hours longer. I’d like to see the ice last for at least 20hours but all in all this thing is good. It’s also bigger than you’ll expect.

In my picture, zoom in on the front of the boat and you’ll see it

I highly recommend this for boating trips


Holds a lot of drinks and ice. Keeps them cold. Water has to be drained as it seeps into the inner lining but it must be by design as there is a valve on the side to drain the water. Otherwise works great and it's easy to tote around. Much easier than a cooler.


It is big and holds quite a bit. We used it as a dry bag rather than a cooler on our trip. If you’re using it as a cooler, It’s not huge. after adding some ice, it might hold 8 or so cans.