Buffalo Gears Fish Cooler Bag began on a trip in Buffalo

The story begins in the summer of 2003 when I was invited to the house of my good friend Roger, who had purchased a new home near Olmsted Park in Buffalo. Although we are separated by thousands of miles and do not keep in touch with each other often, because we have a common hobby, that is, fishing, we maintain fishing activities or dinner parties four or five times a year.

In addition to celebrating Roger's move to a new home this time, the main purpose is to hear for a long time that the Buffalo water system is developed, close to the Atlantic Ocean, with the famous Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, and the Niagara River in Canada. The nearby waters are teeming with bass, sturgeon, pike, and more, which gave us an interest in fishing.

On this particular trip we caught so many fish that we couldn't fit them all into the cooler we brought. We ended up finding a waterproof grocery bag and stuffing it with ice to keep our harvest on the way home. When we unloaded the car at our hotel, bloody fish guts and blood, mixed with melted ice water, seeped all over the trunk. Needless to say, Roger's wife didn't want to sit in his car for weeks and insisted that if he couldn't take good care of his catch, she banned him from going on any more fishing trips.

When we couldn't find a well-made fish bag anywhere, we decided to make one ourselves. Buffalo Gears was born out of a need that quickly turned into an obsession: to make the best insulated fishing bags on the market.

These bags need to be able to hold a large catch, keep the fish cool all weekend and never leak. And to reduce odors when putting fish in the fish tank, it folds up for easy storage and has a drain plug for easy cleaning!

We made a bag the way we needed it for our fishing needs and realized there was nothing like it out there. We decided to try and sell just some and thought if it caught on, great! But if not, no big deal, as we now have the top fish buns on the market!

As the months passed, we began to realize that this little ''hobby'' was slowly turning into something more. That's when the Buffalo Gears brand was created. We know we're not the only ones in need of such an effective, well-made and durable fish bag! Our fish bags went from just one size, one style to now a total of 9 sizes and over ten different styles.

When you get the harvest of a lifetime, we want to make sure you have the storage space you need to keep it cold! At Buffalo gears, we share your love and passion for fishing and create outdoor gear for professionals and weekend warriors.

Buffalo gears Fish Cooler Bag

Buffalo gears Fish Cooler Bag

Buffalo gears Fish Cooler Bag

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I’m looking to purchase 100- 125 of your tournament bags is this something you can help me with.

I organize a walleye tournament in Canada in June . With such a large quantity can I get a better price than purchasing just one

Tanis Rostek

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